Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tidewater Center for the Arts

Easton, Maryland now has an Art Studio Center where 10 artist work and display their Art. It was started in February 09 when my husband Joe Mayer and I moved into the 2nd and third floors of the building on the corner of Dover and Harrison Streets in Easton. We invited other artist to Join us and in two weeks the place was full to brim of great art and artists.

It is very exciting to have a studio to create art that is surrounded by other studios where other artists are working. We have had open houses and are planning a grand opening soon. We hang art in the halls and open our studios to visitors whenever we are in our studios working.
The Center will be open until 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays and Sunday from noon until 3pm. Visitors to our "Art Town" will now be able to watch artists work as well as have the opportunity to buy great art.

More on the Art Center to come.

John F. Kennedy', 1963 painting by Elaine de Kooning,

John F. Kennedy', 1963 painting by Elaine de Kooning,
National Portrait Gallery (Washington, D. C.)